Monday, 13 August 2012

Building the search engine of the future , one baby step at a time

Larry Page once described the perfect search engine as understanding exactly what you mean and giving you back exactly what you want. It’s very much like the computer I dream t about as a child growing up in India, glued to our black-and-white TV for every episode of Star Trek. I imagined a future where a starship computer would be able to answer any question I might ask, instantly. Today, we're closer to that dream than I ever thought possible during my working life—and here are some of the latest steps we're taking today to make search even more intelligent:

Google Nexus 7 tipped to be launched in India in September

Speculations are doing the rounds on the expected launch date of Google-Asus tablet Nexus 7 in India. According to reports, the tablet will hit the Indian market by the end of September this year.
    The company is yet to reveal the pricing deatils for the Indian market. The tablet could appeal to consumers looking for a less expensive, less sophisticated alternative to Apple Inc.'s iPad.
The size and price of the Nexus 7 matches the Kindle Fire. Both have 7-inch screens and sell for $199. The Nexus 7 is slightly lighter at about 0.75 pound, compared with the Kindle Fire's 0.9 pound.

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 has released to Manufacturing

REDMOND, Washington - 1 August, 2012 - Microsoft Corp. today announced Windows 8 has reached Release to Manufacturing (RTM), the latest milestone in the launch of the highly anticipated Windows 8 operating system. With this milestone, industry partners are readying products in time for the Windows 8 worldwide launch on 26 October, 2012. Windows 8 offers a fast and fluid, reimagined experience and the RTM milestone marks the completion of code development that has been driven by customer and developer feedback since preview versions became available starting last September.

Kinect for Windows Now Available in India!

New Delhi, 7th August, 2012—Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. has announced the availability of Kinect for Windows sensor and Software Development Kit (SDK) in India. Kinect for Windows harnesses the power of Microsoft Natural User Interface and has the potential to completely revolutionize products and processes in the home, at work and at public places. Aimed at developing innovative applications, developers and businesses can take advantage of several innovation features including improved skeletal tracking, face tracking, enhanced speech and seated mode tracking.